Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy


To provide quality policy-oriented research on human resources for health in Romania and globally.


The healthcare systems will make evidence-informed policy decisions with regards to the management of their health workforce.


To provide data for evidence-informed policy decisions.
To design and implement research on human resources for health.


Assist Prof Marius Ionuț Ungureanu, MD PhD

Monica Georgiana Brînzac

Bianca Oana Duran

        Prof. Milena M. Santric Milicevic, PhD       

Associate resercher Ellen Kuhlmann, PhD

Associate resercher Ligia Paina, PhD


Address: No. 7 Pandurilor Street, Universitas Building, 9th floor, Cluj-Napoca, 400095, Romania

Phone number: +40 264 402 215

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